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Wait 3-D Floors? Really?

Are you in the market for an office floor option? ProCurbs has a flooring option set out to impress every client that enters your office! Not only is this system awesome for office spaces it works great for residential living areas, retail flooring area, kitchen and bath floors to even commercial flooring. A Metallic floor is an exciting seamless flooring system that provides a unique three-dimensional appearance with suspended reflective pigments. There are up 20 available reflective colors that can be combined to create literally 100’s of difference styles! You Can definitely find a floor that goes with your color theme or football team! With the vast options offered within this system, we are able to create floors that range from the elegantly stylish to outrageous and bazaar. ProCurbs only installs this particular style of coating with a durable 100% solids epoxy combined with a polyurethane or polyaspartic top coat to make this flooring system ideally suited for nearly any commercial or residential setting. Outstanding customization properties makes this coating appealing to virtually anywhere that a one of a kind, an exceedingly resilient floor is desired.

Metallic floor coatings are a very exotic-looking flooring option that simply can’t be duplicated by even the most intricate of stone or marble designs. Unlike with solid-color pigment or chips, no two metallic floors are alike; their appearances are completely dependent upon your color choice and our ray of artisan’s abilities and design ideas.

Let a ProCurbs Coating Specialist determine if a metallic floor option is right for you and your area!

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ProCurbs specializes in Decorative Concrete Curbing, cementious overlays and installation of industrial Coatings. ProCurbs is located in Winchester, TN and serves Southern Middle Tennessee and Northern Alabama area.

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