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Stoping that creeping grass in your Landscape!

Some ask why a solid Concrete Landscape Curb for Landscape Beds. Thats just why we are here to answer questions and solve your Landscape erosion problems. The main reason Home & Business owners install a Concrete Landscape Curbing is because they get tired of replacing rusted or broken metal or plastic landscape edging. Also, they do not like the look that green metal gives their landscape. In result, that metal edging that was so appealing has now became a sharp rusty piece of metal. This for any Property owner is terrifying due to getting cut or cutting the feet of those children that are playing in the yard! Wooden Landscape borders? While wooden landscape borders look great for a short period of time they soon become brittle and begin to rot. Once the Wooden becomes brittle you are subjected back to be at round one with your landscape erosion problems, which you began with!

ProCurbs Concrete Landscape Curbing is the perfect solution to a long time problem. The Extruded Concrete can follow any curves and designs that your landscape may have. It's not like trying to bend metal to look like a curve. The whole process is simple, easy and saves you money!

The extruded Landscape Curb process allows the ProCurbs to:

*Actually mix the concrete on site to desired ratio and to check for Quality Control.

*Add custom colors and patterns to match anything from your brick, stone, or a specific landscape color or even theme that you may have within your garden.

*ProCurbs can create "Stone like" featured Landscape Curb.

*Raise estimated home appraisal/ value

With a continuous Concrete Landscape border you will stop those erosion problems, unwanted grass issues and weeds from invading your flower beds. With the proper care of Concrete Landscape Curbing, it will last the lifetime of your home. The scheduled maintenance and check up is automated for all of ProCurbs clients!

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